To Run or Not to Run?

Hello Friends and Fellow District Residents,

I first want to thank everyone that has been asking me to run for the At-Large Council seat for their belief in my ability to win, and to help move the city in a positive direction.  I agree on both counts.  Also, all the emails and calls asking to volunteer to work on a campaign if one came to be have been great.

I have done a lot of soul-searching, and have come to the conclusion that my passion is not in a role on the Council.  If you don’t have the passion for it, you shouldn’t do it.  It’s been a tough decision to make with all of the support, but the right one for me and the race.

I am more of a CEO/Entrepreneur than a legislator, and my passion lies in utilizing and mixing technology, transportation options and infrastructure to make cities more livable, sustainable, and vibrant (and fun).

I love DC, and want to continue to help make it a world class city to live, work, and play, and I will find ways to do that in the future.   I also want to explore opportunities to work beyond the borders of DC, in the private and/or public sector to affect change.  And that’s what this is all about really isn’t it?  Where can each of us affect the most significant changes for the greater good, and have some fun in the process.

We have some good candidates that are entering the race, so lets see what they say, and who is really courageous enough to take some risks, do good work, and who is toeing the old political line and focused on their own needs first.   It’s pretty easy to spot if you look hard enough.  I always say “you have to be willing to lose your job to do good work,” and the city deserves this from its public servants if they are worth their salt.

-gabe klein

8 thoughts on “To Run or Not to Run?

  1. oh well…
    I thought that a position on the council would be a logical step before trying to run for mayor

    good luck in whatever you choose

    I am certain you will thrive!

  2. As you know, I remain a supporter and fan. I would have wagered that a Council seat would not have been the right fit. It is a legislative position as you noted, and the first word that comes to mind when I think of your talents is entrepreneur. I do hope you remain a public voice and continue to influence the District’s transportation, economic and related policies.

    Gabe, I deeply appreciate your service in the DC government, and I am delighted to have become acquainted these last few years. You are a splendid, honorable individual. – Joe

  3. Earlier this evening while while riding my bike (and after reading the news about Weaver and Mara throwing their hats into the race), I thought to myself, “Would Gabe Klein really be happy on the City Council? He’s more of an entrepreneurial guy.” I totally called it! Congratulations on your decision. Now go (continue to) be awesome.

  4. I wished you had run and continued on the good work which you were doing.. are you going to be starting up anything new? what is the latest on the smart kart? haven’t seen it..

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